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I get lots of compliments on my little skull earrings. I am typically allergic to a lot of jewelry, but had no problem with these. Coupon Codes

Best of all, they were a great price! I had all,three items mailed to my niece and she loved them all so much.

Thank you, am always happy with your,products.. So cute.

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Matches my personality too. My hubs did a great job choosing these. The quality is great. Can't wait to make part of costume. Was not expecting these earring to be much. I was wrong. They are super cute and shiny!

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Love them! Any time you use quartz in your castings or ritual practices the gemstone naturally amplifies the power of everything you do. Quartz is a natural conduit between the Realms and acts as a cleansing activator of all the Chakras and your auric field.

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When you use quartz with spells or conjurations it promotes manifestations and can bring full materializations. It has long been hailed as a supremely powerful stone by ancient civilizations throughout time and throughout the world. It is the most valued among all crystals because of its mystical abilities with healing, meditation power, spiritual evolution and the power to amplify magick.

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Collections: All , Gemstone Carvings. It brings The phallus is a symbol of virility, courage, and stamina. An ancient symbol carved as talismans, statues, jewelry, and emblems on textiles, the phallus has Description Shipping Contact Us Features high-quality synthetic fabric with a double-sided print and rounded toe construction.

Erin S. I bought the purple skulls for my daughter for Christmas.

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She hasn't taken them off yet. Awesome, also thanks for checking on the size I ordered, Great Service. Awesome products, lots to choose from. Price is reasonable. Fast shipping. Copy of Light Blue Floral SAVE Copy of Purple Dragonfly Copy of Yellow Peace Mandala Copy of Galaxy Mandala