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Printing and Using Coupons

Unless a special store promotion is being run, we do not accept coupons for gift cards. The customer is responsible for the sales tax, where required by law. Manufacturer Coupon Policy: Our stores accept all manufacturer coupons.

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Exception are any items excluded by state regulations. Only one 1 manufacturer coupon may be used on each individual item purchased. The exact item stated on the coupon must be purchased in order to redeem the coupon.

Stop & Shop Coupons, Promo Codes & 12222 Deals

Item substitutions are not allowed. The maximum number of identical coupons allowed for each identical item is 16, unless otherwise stated on the coupon. Coupons may be redeemed on damaged or discontinued merchandise that has been reduced. Example: 1st item scanned manufacturer free coupon applied , 2nd item scanned store BOGO applied.

Both items are free to the customer.

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To ensure product availability for all customers, we reserve the right to limit individual coupon redemptions quantities. Digital coupons have an expiration date that is communicated on the website. Digital coupons will not double or triple. Digital coupons can only be loaded and redeemed one time per household. If more than one digital coupon is loaded for the same product, the best value will be redeemed at checkout.

We do not accept coupons presented via a mobile phone or device. Digital coupons cannot be used on Pick-up or Peapod orders.

Catalina Coupons: Our stores issue both manufacturer and store coupons from the Catalina printers at the time of checkout. If the bar code is not clearly printed, it might not scan. Coupons that do not scan will often be declined. A good way to avoid having this happen is by making certain there is plenty of ink in the printer before printing coupons.

For coupons that tend to print out blurred or difficult to read the fine print, switching the printing preferences to color printing may be beneficial. Grocery stores may have policies that limit the volume or amount of the coupons accepted during a single transaction. Also, many stores do not take internet coupons that offer free products.

And finally, many stores will not hand-input coupon information, so if the coupon fails to scan, it will not be accepted regardless of the reason. Even though many coupons now contain all the necessary information, a store manager may still refuse to redeem coupons. This may happen because of confusion by local store employees about the corporate policy on redeeming online coupons. When the occasion does occur that a store will not accept an internet-printed coupon, it is best to understand that policies are in place for a reason. Either speak with customer service or try using the coupon in another store.

If it is declined again, throw it away and focus on all the coupons that you have used in the past that stores have accepted.

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For stores that refuse to accept any internet-printed coupons, it is generally because the stores do not have up-to-date cash registers that help prevent fraudulent coupons from being accepted. The Balance Everyday uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Published Sept.

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