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As the company outlined in its IPO filing, a significant amount of Uber Eat's business comes from a limited number of restaurant chains.

All about McDonald's Promotional Deals

Also, if restaurant businesses are compromised by high take rates, they'll likely be less inclined to use the service. So Uber has a significant amount of skin in the McDonald's game. Such added flexibility would allow franchisees to shop the marketplace for the best rates in their specific locations.

It would also give McDonald's delivery more exposure in the quickly growing space. Customers who prefer the DoorDash app, for example, might not even know McDonald's delivers because the company's service only exists on the Uber Eats app.

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Uber may not lose out that much, however. McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook has said there is a correlation between delivery awareness and order frequency and visits. This could be a strong enough draw to keep the partnership going. Whatever happens from the negotiations, however, one thing is clear. McDonald's seems to have more leverage now than it did when the partnership was initially formed. Follow Alicia Kelso on Twitter.

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All terrible unusable coupons. McDonald's used to have the best deals. I don't even look anymore.

Wendy's is winning in the deal dept. Sorry McDonald's, I love you, but we're going to see other ppl til you get your deals together. I just checked and I only have these 2 deals as well! No incentive to go to McDonald's and no incentive to use their app if I do! Pretty sure those deals we vote on don't even matter. I'd always add fries and other stuff to the order. Ever since the actual good deals disappeared I've just deleted the app and I only go once a month if even. Yup, noticed it in NJ. Wasn't super compelled to go to McDonald's anyway, but that locks it.

McDonald’s 7M app downloads highlights effectiveness of relevant incentives

It was about last February that they first started pushing the great app deals. So it's possible they're going to repeat that pattern and this is just the quiet before a promotion. Of course it's also possible they think enough people have the app now and don't need to undermine their prices just to lure us in. Every company does it.

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It the amount of qpcs and double fish filets I had this summer was a little silly. That's a pattern I've noticed with a lot of the apps. Give away great deals to get people to use the app, and once you hit a critical mass, stop the really good deals.