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This way you can only pay for the time you need the book. If you want to have access to the book forever, Amazon gives you the option to purchase a permanent electronic version. College students can qualify for six months of free Prime Student and get two-day delivery if they sign up.

The 8 Best Sites for Scoring Cheap Textbooks

That being said, not having to deal with a full box for just a single book was also refreshing. Best online piano lessons piano learning apps and websites.

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Best Textbook Rentals Online of Best Learn French Software of Piano Marvel Review. Hoffman Academy Review.

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OnlinePianist Review. Piano With Willie Review. Flowkey Review. If you must mark up your book, highlighting is generally tolerated more leniently than writing. What pops up next looks like a search results page, but look over on the far right. The next step is to package up your books, print off the free mailing label, and get them on their way to Amazon.

Cheaper than Amazon Books - New and Used Books - Free Shipping

This is a great program for selling your unwanted books and other media. Payments are made in Amazon gift cards. For many people, this is as good as cash — especially because you can use those credits to turn around and buy your books for next semester. First, look at the criteria they want for their trade-in books.

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Keep your textbooks as clean as you can over the course of the semester, refrain from writing your name and other notes in the cover, and protect them from water damage or excessive wear and tear. This will help you have better odds with trading in next semester. Second, turn your trade-in credits around to buy your textbooks for next semester.

My HONEST Review of Amazon Textbook Rental

Plan ahead for this! Really stretch your dollars by looking at the new and used options for each book you need to buy.

Third, buying your textbooks on Amazon makes it even easier to resell them. When the time comes, check the textbook buyback program at the end of next semester.